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A history with a future

Integrated communication campaign concept for one of our global customers in the IT&C industry.

Campaign objectives: 17
  • The campaign positioning should emphasize the fact that this company is prepared to continue to positively influence the local business environment, using global solutions and resources, and acting as a trustworthy partner with a strategic role, in a relationship built for a long term, with all its customers
Suggested mechanism: 16
  • Press release and conference to announce the campaign “A History With a Future”, including concept, mechanism and running period
  • Creating a microsite featuring the company innovations, its history and record in patenting inventions, as well as testimonials from customers
  • Marketers’ seminar on the subject of: “Streamlining budgets”
  • Anniversary event for C-level guests, carried out in an informal environment
  • Road-show-type seminars, in 3 cities in the country where, alongside regional partners and their customers, the anniversary moment shall be celebrated, and the latest tendencies and solutions in the field shall be presented
  • Developing a dedicated application for interacting and communicating with customers through social media
Benefits: tick
  • Optimized budget versus results and impact, complete with the creativity of using resources and other available budgets
  • The concept is scalable and it can be used as an integrated long-term communication campaign