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A history with a future, 60 years of Romcontrol

Anniversary brand event organized in order to celebrate 60 years of company’s existence and long history, together with employees and top customers.

Campaign objectives: 17
  • Reinforcing the company image as a solid and professional one, a long-term partner
  • A “Thank You” addressed to customers for the past, present and future cooperation
  • Promoting the company as one of long-term success
Suggested mechanism: 16
  • Organizing a brand event, with the theme: “A history for the future, 60 years of Romcontrol”
  • The concept was found on the invitations, spider banner, easels, little table flags, logo and scale models showing key moments of the company history all created under the event theme
  • A brand anniversary video, specially made for this occasion, was the highlight of the evening
  • The entire event was led by an MC and the actress Oana Pelea was our special guest as motivational speaker. In addition, Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica and “10 Prajini” were in charge with the entertainment by playing traditional songs
  • The guests received at the end of the evening, as a souvenir: a bottle of wine with custom label of the event concept, stand leather cards and a picture from event, printed in real time
Results and impact: 18
  • An original event, having a positive impact on the guests, reinforcing the company image as a leader in the field. All this, by adopting a long term strategy that relies on competitivity, innovation and adaptability to the newest technologies, through a history that lay the foundation of the future.