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Design your own survival show

Innovative regional event, created for one of our global customers in the media industry.

Campaign objectives: 17
  • Enforcing the relationship with customers and local and regional strategic agencies
  • Brand positioning as an innovative one, premium and leader in creating documentaries
Suggested mechanism: 16
  • Creating the concept for the three days when an off-road competition and a survival competition were created, where the ultimate goal for the 14 five-member teams was that of filming, recording and editing their own survival promo
  • Designing and producing all the brand materials underlying the event: invitations, branding in locations, book-event, stickers, roll-ups, competition forms, competition regulations, road-book, mountain map
  • Pre and post-event communication by means of social media and creating an event-dedicated community
Results and impact: 18
  • A better relation and positioning with strategic customers, resulting in creating more business opportunities
  • The feedback from the participants, related to the concept and its execution, received a score of 9.5 out of 10