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“Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success.” Lao Tzu

Are you working with multiple providers for a campaign and you feel like you are losing precious time coordinating them? Are you allocating too much time searching and qualifying the best partners for a certain project? Have you ever had an emergency for a marketing campaign and you felt like it was not proper prioritized? Did you have any delays in deploying you campaign in the agreed deadline?

Here is how you can overcome the above challenges:

1. yme offers you integrated multiple marketing services: we start from consulting and marketing planning to implementation and analysis of campaigns results

2. yme powers you with a dedicated Project Manager: he or she takes over the marketing operational area and will coordinate it for you

3. yme gives you access to a marketing professionals network: we offer you the competitive advantage to have access to specialized “know-how” integrated under a single partner

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