The website www.yme.ro is the property of S.C. YME Marketing Agency S.R.L. The present document establishes the terms and conditions under which you can use www.yme.ro, henceforth referred to as the website, the owner of the brand and of the website being named hereafter YME Marketing Agency. The access and usage of the www.yme.ro website will be done in conformity with the present set of rules. Using the website, logging on and accessing the services within the website imply the acceptance of the present terms and conditions, with all the effects resulting from this acceptance.

1. Access

The accepted purpose of using this website is to obtain information. Usage in other purposes then the one specified is not allowed. YME Marketing Agency will not be held responsible for the security of this website or of the users’ connection to the website. The term « user »of this website defines any person or company accessing the website.

2. The users ‘rights

The users of www.yme.ro have the right to view the content of the website, to print the content onto paper and to save the pages in electronic format only for their personal non-commercial use.

3. The users ‘obligations

By accessing the present website the user agrees to accept the following obligations including (without being restricted to):

  • Being financially responsible for all transactions performed in the user’s name or account;
  • Being over 18 years of age and legally capable of initiating juridical actions
  • Providing real and accurate information about yourself and your family
  • Not using the website for speculative purposes, generating false or fraudulent reservations
  • Not transmitting political, pornographic, racist or otherwise offensive or illegal material
  • Obliging not to alter, copy, transmit, distribute, sell, publish, license or reproduce the content of the website except for personal and non-commercial usage of a single copy of the information on the website.

It is not permitted to:

  • Copy, multiply, distribute, archive or keep through any means including electronic, magnetic or computerized the materials and information existing on this website;
  • Attempt to intervene through any means in the contents of the website, delete or modify through any means the materials and information published within;
  • Using any e-mail addresses published within the website for mailing lists or commercial e-mail (spamming) or for any other purpose besides sending personal motivated e-mails, without the written consent of the owners of the e-mail addresses;

4. Author rights, branding and intellectual property

YME Marketing Agency offers free access to the www.yme.ro website and allows users to visualize, print and transmit the information within the website only for personal non-commercial usage. The copyright for the information on this website is owned by YME Marketing Agency or the company’s partners. No material on this website (including images) can be reproduced partially or entirely or modified without the explicit permission in writing from YME Marketing Agency or their partners. The content of this website:  text, images, graphics, photographs, software, logos, and any other material displayed on the website is protected by the copyright laws and are the property of YME Marketing Agency or of their partners. It is not permitted to link this website to other websites or vice-versa without a written permission. In case YME Marketing Agency does not grant the explicit permission in writing, YME Marketing Agency will not be responsible for the association to unaffiliated websites, for the material posted on this website by other persons then the ones authorized by YME Marketing Agency. YME Marketing Agency or other third parties are authorized to distribute through this website links to other webpages or World Wide Web resources. YME Marketing Agency does not guarantee and cannot be made responsible in any way for the links’ availability, form, contents, publicity, products, or any other materials available on the aforementioned websites. YME Marketing Agency will not be responsible or liable for compensation, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or assumed to have been caused by or in connection with using or trusting the information, contents, goods or services made available by the aforementioned websites.

Reproducing, copying, multiplying, selling, reselling or exploiting a part of the services, access or using the services or information made available by YME Marketing Agency through the website in any way that contravenes the laws of Romania, the European Union or the international community concerning copyright and intellectual property will draw civil or penal responsibility for such actions.

YME Marketing Agency reserves the right to hinder through any means the access and usage of this website and to solicit sanctions according to the governing laws against the people involved, if there is evidence that the purpose of the accessing is destroying or altering the website, its content or security or the attempt to attack or discredit in any way YME Marketing Agency or their partners, products and services.

5. Non-liability clause

By accepting to use this website you are expressing your consent that using this website is done on your own responsibility.

The website www.yme.ro has informative contents. YME Marketing Agency is not responsible of the correctness or accuracy of the information contained within.

YME Marketing Agency does not guarantee in any way, explicitly or implicitly, the reality, actuality or completeness of the data and information presented on the website. Any mismatches or errors that may occur at any given time between the contents of the website and reality do not imply any responsibility of any nature for YME Marketing Agency.

The data and information available to the public through this website do not represent recommendations, guarantees, consultancy or any other commitment from YME Marketing Agency’ side.

YME Marketing Agency will not be held responsible in front of any person / entity for any damage resulting directly or indirectly from the usage of the website www.yme.ro or as a consequence of any error or omission

For the website sections that can contain statements or opinions from clients the responsibility of those statements belongs entirely to the clients.

6. Confidentiality and personal information

The policy of the www.yme.ro website is to not accept or take into consideration any unsolicited materials. If the users of the website send such material, YME Marketing Agency reserves the right to consider them as not confidential and outside the protection of the personal and proprietary information.

www.yme.ro uses “cookies” in order to identify users. They do not contain any personal data of the user and do not hold any risk in case they are intercepted by third parties. On the www.yme.ro website there can be commercials and/or links to the pages of third parties, including partners, publicity providers or sponsors. The information provided to some external pages are not under the control of YME Marketing Agency and any and all publishing of personal data on other internet pages is done on the users’ own risk.

YME Marketing Agency reserves the right to modify, revise, and complete these terms and conditions at any moment. Any change will be made public on this page and will take effect at the time of publishing it on the website.